Who Cares? Preferences for Formal and Informal Care among Older Adults in Québec.

Lee, Kyuho*, Daniel Dickson*, Marina Revelli* and Patrik Marier (2022).
Journal of Applied Gerontology, 41(1): 227-234.


Policy makers, practitioners, and scholars are increasingly examining the types of care services (formal vs. informal) offered to older adults. This study evaluates predictors of these adults’ preferences for care types in Québec, Canada, based on a province-wide survey inserted in a magazine of the largest seniors’ club in Canada (FADOQ). More than twice as many respondents indicated a preference for formal rather than informal care. Multinomial logistic regressions demonstrate that older adults’ past and current experiences and perceptions of formal and informal services continue to play an important role in their preference formation regarding care services. The study determined that preferring informal care is significantly more prevalent when one is accustomed to this type of care, and that men are significantly more likely to prefer informal care than women, and that lower-income individuals are less likely to favor formal care.